Amethyst Engagement Rings

amethyst engagement ringIn terms of symbolism, amethyst can be quite an odd choice for an amethyst engagement ring, for Romans wore amethyst pendants and rings to prevent alcohol intoxication, but today amethyst is used as protection from any addiction.

Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for February and the zodiac stone of the visionary Pisces. The stone is traditionally of violet to pigeon-blood red color. Amethyst is a popular choice for engagement rings.

The latest jewelry trends include the use of semi-precious metals in engagement rings, and amethyst, if properly cut, amethyst shines in a deep color that is irresistible and makes splendid amethyst engagement rings.

Amethyst engagement rings are affordable, due to recent discovery of mines in Brazil and Russia. Because the chemical formula for amethyst is that of sand, it occurs in many different places like Zambia, the U.S., all across Europe, South Korea, Uruguay, etc. Amethyst engagement rings are priced from $200 to a little over $1,000. Thus, an amethyst engagement ring is one of the most affordable choices of engagement rings in the market. The costliest part of an amethyst ring is oftentimes the setting or accent stones, for amethyst solitary rings are not that common.

  Amethysts come in many different designs. Besides the traditional emerald/cushion/heart cut stones, raw amethysts are also seeing increased usage in designer engagement rings. Despite the wide variety of cuts and settings used, all amethyst engagement rings have some characteristics in common.

Most amethyst rings have settings that are made from gold, either yellow or white. Platinum settings aren't that common for amethyst engagement rings, simply because the color of platinum settings does not compliment the vibrant amethyst.

People also prefer amethyst rings because amethyst engagement rings require little care; just soak them in soap water, rub the dirt away and the amethyst will look like new.

Overall, you can't go wrong with the affordable amethyst, cut in a rectangular or cushion shape, but you might want to opt for something spicier. Amethysts provide a wide variety of options, and that is one of the many things which people love in these precious stones.

An amethyst engagement ring will make your proposal unique, for its deep color expresses individuality and deep understanding of the other's needs. Throughout history, these timeless stones have proven to be trustworthy for usage in jewelry, and, because of their amusing history, sparkling and vibrant colors, and amethysts will surely be popular for many years to come.