Celtic Engagement Rings

celtic engagement ringFiligreed rings with an ancient wild touch and supposedly a redhead beauty who's anything but soft round the edges. Celtic engagement rings can best be described like that. Rings of popular round forms are common, but a split Celtic ring looks splendid on any hand and adds an even more distinct touch to the proposal.

Setting themselves even more apart from traditional-looking diamond rings, Celtic engagement rings often have red rubies, green emeralds or other sorts of colored gems (including color diamonds, which can make the price skyrocket) in them.

Filigree on pieces of jewelry like Celtic rings is actually quite indistinct; it follows the Celtic motif at all costs, as the name implies, and that might put people off. Still, non-filigree Celtic rings are also available from numerous retailers. Unlike other specialized rings, Celtic (or Irish) ones are actually quite affordable, hence the emphasis is put on the setting but rarely the diamonds.

A half carat stone looks splendid in a Celtic engagement ring, mainly because the filigree together with settings make the ring stunning by itself, even without a fitting stone. This, however, might concern the modern budget-minded customer; there are cases where the setting costs more than the stone itself.

Motifs on Irish engagement rings differ. From knot filigreed ring with three distinct stones, often not of the same color, to classic solitary rings which, unless seen by a jeweler, can not be separated from the rest of the ring pack.

Mostly, rings like these are popular in Ireland and the UK where a Celtic ring symbolizes a perfect union and a commitment that lasts for all of your life. Rings like these have only recently traveled across the seas onto the U.S. jeweler markets. That being said, it is highly unlikely that your sweetheart has ever seen a Celtic engagement ring before.

Overall, Celtic engagement rings are a viable choice for any buyer. Besides being affordable and generally solid if purchased from a reputable jeweler, the vintage 'middle-age-grotesque' like feel of these rings makes them quite an epic proposal gift.

A ring is a statement in many forms. It blooms into a promise when the 'Yes' is said, and this moment, although this may sound indiscreet, is a very important one for your future plans... and life. That's why it is worth to invest quite a bit of time in finding the best Celtic engagement ring you can.