Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

pear shaped engagement ringPear shaped diamonds are of the oldest kind of diamond cuts. Actually being a combination of the Marquise cut and Round/Oval cut, those stones resemble teardrops and are judged to be one of the finest cut stones there are. A recent example of the popularity of this cut would be the Christie's 39 carat pear shaped diamond that was sold for full $5.4 million. This cut's sales aren't limited to auction houses and a good jeweler will have a wide range of these stones that you can use in pear shaped engagement rings.

When choosing a pear shaped diamond, look for two defects that can make your money puff away. First of all, look for the bow-tie effect. If a butterfly-shaped black area is clearly visible around the middle of the diamond, it's the bow-tie effect alright. Keep in mind that almost every pear-shaped stone has some bow-tie effect, but if it isn't visible from every angle, the effect is unimportant for the overall quality of the stone.

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The second defect is more subtle, and, like the bow-tie effect, it is also related with the cut of the diamond. The defect is called "uneven shoulders" or "high shoulders". A blatantly obvious defect, but if you don't notice it, it can ruin the engagement ring. The upper end of a pear shaped diamond should have a nice arc, resembling the bottom of a water drop. Also, be aware that some cutters don't cut the corners properly in order to increase the carat weight of the diamond. Be very careful when buying pear shaped engagement rings online, because if the seller doesn't have a proper return policy, you might get in trouble.

Judging from the two paragraphs above, you can see why picking the best cut diamond you can afford is tremendously important. However, there's still more to pear shaped diamonds. Pear shaped engagement rings are especially good looking on women with slender, long fingers, partly because the pear shape has an elongating effect, depending on the proportions of the stone. The typical length-width ratio of a pear shaped diamond is between 1.45 and 1.75; different proportions may make the stone look like an oval cut or a marquise cut.

It is hard to picture something better than a teardrop in a golden framework - a fragile pear shaped engagement ring. A good engagement ring will show your love and how much you care. Furthermore, although people are not as optimistic about marriage as they used to be, you can't put a risk on the proposal, for it might as well be the only proposal you'll be giving...ever.