Aquamarine Engagement Rings

aquamarine engagement ringThe stone's name isn't famous only from the sissy mermaid Aquamarine from Alice Hoffman's well acclaimed novel of the same title. Aquamarine engagement rings are famous for their ability to compliment any skin tone and every single finger type.

Aquamarine is the birthstone of those born in March; it is also the Zodiac stone of those born under the jurisdiction of Scorpio. Aquamarines have a lot of other interesting qualities, and we'll try to cover them in this article.

Aquamarine is a variation of the mineral Beryl, and is generally found in Siberia, Russia. The slightly blue color comes from iron (Fe) deposits within the mineral. Aquamarine isn't costly, simply because aquamarine deposits are quite common. This, however, doesn't change the fact that this gemstones' rings are absolutely stunning.

Top notch aquamarine is, as a rule, being sold for roughly 300 US dollars, thus making it one of the cheapest gemstones per carat. Aquamarine is excellent for people who are on a tight budget, making splendid aquamarine engagement available for lovers who, otherwise, wouldn't have the means for a beautiful engagement present.

For people with an average budget, the somewhat low price of aquamarine allows to opt for a ring that has a costlier setting or a bigger stone.

Nowadays these rings are usually made by top designers, because of aquamarine's ability to adapt and compliment many types of cuts and ring settings. Aquamarine would be the designer's first choice if they had to make an aquamarine engagement ring, because it offers so many options.

From a freshwater lake clear blue, enhanced by the princess cut, to a rough, uncut aquamarine that can be played with to achieve the maximum effect, aquamarine most definitely opens room for creativity. Just remember to pick the clearest aquamarine you can find, because the lucid color can drag everyone's eyes to the tiny scratches when light shines into the gem.

Aquamarine engagement rings are loved for a few things. At first, it is the aforementioned price, because that is what concerns most people in the modern times we live in. Secondly, it is the dim transparency of deep blue aquamarines.

And last, but not least, the aquamarine's deep blue intertwines fabulously with yellow and white gold, making it the perfect gem for any aquamarine engagement ring. People who opt for aquamarine engagement rings are generally happy with their choice; a pretty stunning combination, for example, is an antique aquamarine ring with ruby baguettes as accent stones or an above-average sized solitary stone. Still, finding the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart is entirely up to you.