Antique Engagement Rings

antique engagement ringIf you are keen on antiques and you want to propose soon, you might give Edwardian Engagement rings a try. These unique rings come from the era called "The Edwardian Period" c.a. 1901-1910, when King Edward VII ruled in Great Britain. That period of time is also referred to as "Belle Epoch".

Edwardian times were a truly idealistic period of time; because aristocracy was dying and the world was on the verge of huge changes - these rings impersonate the purity of the 20th century's beginning. The design stayed in fashion until around 1920 and was eventually replaced by more popular modern cuts such as the asscher cut or emerald cut.

At the time, Edwardian engagement rings were considered a sign of a certain social status. Obviously, now it is not the case with Edwardian rings. Edwardian rings are highly sought after today, because each ring offers a unique twist. They do have some similarities you should look for.

True Edwardian rings possess a distinctively antique touch. Certain patterns around the ring band and crown are common in most of Edwardian rings; due to the specific vintage cutting in the Edwardian rings, they usually are accented by numerous smaller stones. The accent stones are usually a lot smaller than the center stone in Edwardian rings; a practice that is nearly abandoned in modern jewelry.

Antique rings, as a rule, are at least fifty years old, and this is certainly the case with Edwardian rings. The oldest antique engagement rings, more often than not, are from the 1930s; many Edwardian rings were lost during the First World War - and that is the reason why some of those rings come from the 1930s, a seemingly inappropriate time.

Considered a highly romantic gift, the rings can come with imagery of roses, birds or hearts in patterns on the ring. The settings and material of the ring vary - standard materials such as platinum and silver pass, but yellow gold was almost never used in Edwardian antique engagement rings.

Antique styled diamond shapes are most common on these rings. Round brilliant, Asscher and Emerald cuts are used the most, but they do allow room for other cuts. Many jewelers offer 'vintage settings' - or vintage looking rings that allow different cut stones to be used for them.

Antique engagement rings have distinct qualities. Just a few other rings have a youthful sense of entitlement in them, while being artifacts from hundred years ago.