Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

radiant cut engagement ringRadiant cut engagement rings are an ideal compromise. Radiant cut gems are for people who love square cuts, but enjoy the thoroughness of the fire that the traditional round cut has. The radiant cut is similar to the princess cut, but has a different fire. Although step cuts are usually cut for trim lines, a radiant cut diamond preserves the shape of the diamond, but has additional fire, because the facets are made purely to please the eye.

Much like it is with the princess cut, radiant cut is more forgiving of diamond flaws than the similar, less fiery emerald or asscher cut diamonds. Although this means that you can save something on the quality of the stone by choosing stones of less quality, this also means that there is a chance of going too far and picking a stone that looks awful. The same applies to proportions. There are no "good or bad" proportions for these stones but using common sense helps - you probably don't want an oddly shaped stone for a ring.

As it is with all step cuts, seek for ANY marks or scratches on the diamond. The table like form makes any scarring painfully obvious to the naked eye, but information about marks and scratches, although visible, may or may not be included in the diamond's certificate. If you plan on purchasing diamonds online, this could be the perfect time to review your seller's return policy. The reason for scratches not showing up in the certificate but on the diamond is simple - they don't affect the overall quality of the diamond.

A radiant cut engagement ring looks astonishing on all types of fingers; however, this is heavily dependent on the material and the look of the ring. Aside from being stylish, the ring should have clipped corners, hence those are bound to clip. As for the material of the ring, a good radiant cut engagement ring doesn't necessarily have to be made from platinum, silver or gold. Exotic materials like titanium and palladium have come into fashion for ring materials. The setting of the ring also plays a huge role in the beauty of a radiant cut ring.

Radiant cuts make good solitary rings, for they have a specific fire, but accent stones (e.g. baguettes) allow the center radiant shine. A particularly striking combination would be a bigger radiant with four plated baguettes that point to the center from both sides, but the combinations don't matter as long as you yourself are content with the ring, because if you are, the person it is for will be, too.