Garnet Engagement Rings

garnet engagement ringGarnets are quite extraordinary. Famous for their ability to change colors in front of fire, these gems make splendid garnet engagement rings.

Garnets have been in use for thousands of years; its use dates back to the Bronze Age. There are six sorts of garnet. The species of garnets differ in composite materials. Usually, garnet is composited from atoms of aluminum, silicon and oxygen and possibly other metals.

Due to the fact that garnets are quite common, garnet engagement rings tend to be rather affordable. However, that isn't the case with the costly blue garnets which were discovered only circa 1990.

Garnet, the January birthstone, is quite similar to a ruby in terms of looks. However, garnets have a specific fire that no other stone can match; the red (if the garnet is actually red) of garnets is softer, possibly resembling the color of pomegranate.

Furthermore, garnets are set apart from other gems by the many different cuts that are used on garnets. Both heart-shaped cut garnets, as well as the more popular shapes such as square, emerald, etc cuts, make the garnet engagement ring stand out from the crowd.

  Although garnet rings are indeed affordable, there are things you should keep in mind when choosing a garnet engagement ring. For you to be content with the ring you bought, the stone has to be of top quality. First of all, garnets of poor cuts are often subjected to refaceting, thus adding quite a lot of money if you discover that your ring actually has a poor cut.

The second nick that garnet stones tend to have is aging. All gems age, even diamonds do (they just do it really, really slow), but garnets, due to their chemical structure, do so quite fast. Because of that, if you intend to purchase a vintage garnet ring, check for any signs of aging. If the stone looks dim, it may need a refurbishment.

Choosing the design is entirely up to you. If you feel confident about the likes and dislikes of your to-be spouse, you can select the ring yourself. However, you should ask other people around about the engagement ring you are about to purchase, particularly a female, because the tastes of women are like black and white - a single detail can annoy them.

Now that you have been warned, pay a visit to your local jeweler, or, if you are still confident about your jewelry taste, you can find a garnet engagement ring at any online jewelry shop.