Custom Engagement Rings

Design Your Own Engagement RingChoosing a custom engagement ring can be confusing at first, but you'll be fine as long as you are aware of the various external factors when choosing a custom engagement ring. A custom engagement ring is not only a love statement. It is also statement of creativity in your love relationship, and that is why even an experienced buyer should consider getting a custom engagement ring.


There are three popular ring settings used for engagement rings, and those are, sorted by popularity: prong, bevel, pave. A prong setting looks beautiful and is most fiery. It is widely sought after for the slender hooks and the placement which allows more light to shine through the center stone. 

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Bevel settings are less popular, but it does have some advantages. Bevel settings will keep the stone more tightly than a prong setting (via edges above the diamond) and that means that the diamond won't chip. This setting, however, falls short to the prong setting in terms of light exposure of the center stone.

Pave settings are a lovable pick for custom engagement rings, because a pave setting looks plain gorgeous. The pave setting consists of many small gemstones that are placed on the surface of the ring band. This setting offers a surreal effect for the eye; its myriad smaller diamonds look splendid on a sunny day.


This is actually heavily dependent on the setting you choose... and the ring's material. But, an obvious prerequisite for a fiery, sparkling ring, is a clear diamond of no less than .75 carat weight and a 'Very Good' cut. You shouldn't look lower than a VS included diamond (it shows up in the papers of a stone), but if the gemstone isn't a diamond, use common sense.

Also, if you are purchasing anything other than diamonds from an online store, be sure that the seller has a solid return policy. As for the color of the diamond, it can be judged by the eye; if you use accent stones, use diamonds of the same color.


There aren't that many choices concerning the materials of a ring. Just be aware that titanium and nickel rings aren't the best choice; titanium is unfashionable, but nickel can create allergic reactions. Platinum, yellow or white gold, or silver are the most widely sought after for custom engagement rings. The carat weight of rings plays a huge role forming the price of your custom engagement rings - be aware of that too.

Remember what we talked about in the beginning - a custom engagement ring for a loved person is not merely a statement. Be sure to get the best engagement present you know you'll both like. And this, with a little luck, is absolutely possible when ordering a custom engagement ring.