Peridot Engagement Rings

peridot engagement ringOne of the clearest gems on the market, peridot, is actually a variation of olivine, a common stone, but only the olive green variation of peridot is rare and used in jewelry.

Peridot engagement rings are praised for their quality, clarity and the specific olive green color that has no match in the jewelry world. The green color is said to have a calming effect on the mind and was used in jewelry by Egyptians and Greeks.

Peridot is the birthstone of the wedding month August, which also happens to be the last green month of the year- at least in the northern hemisphere. Sometimes mistaken for emeralds (even in works of ancient jewelry), peridots are loved for their specific green color.

The much discussed green color of peridots ranges from a light yellow-green tone, to a darker, emerald-like green with brown undertones. The specific color comes from trace amounts of metals, and the amount of metal in peridots is dependent on the mining place. A much demanded variety of peridot is milky peridot; mineral traces in these gems create a vibrant light play, milky 'footmarks' that are locked inside the gem.

Natural peridots are found all around the world, but about eighty per cent of the world's supply is found in Arizona, the U.S. Other deposits are found in Norway, Australia, Brazil, China, Kenya, Mexico, etc.

Peridot rings come in many different designs. Although peridot is one of the relatively affordable gemstones, solitary peridot engagement rings aren't that common. Most of the peridots are cut under two carats and are used in rings with transparent accent stones. However, peridots look splendid in vintage rings (e.g. Edwardian or Art Deco rings), too.

The contrast between the always fresh olive green and the vintage classicism in retro rings, can give the ring a certain feel.. and a stunning ring with a feeling is absolutely necessary when proposing. 

Overall, peridot, although not as common for engagement rings, is a fine stone that will make for a splendid engagement present. The vibrant, peaceful shine of peridot is but a start for a journey that you've decided take.

Once you've found the perfect ring, don't forget to ask the jeweler around about the cares that the ring needs. Peridots are quite fragile and soak with dirt easily; to make the color last long, you must posh them up a little once in a while.