Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Design Your Own Engagement RingDesigning a special ring for your sweetheart is certainly not a chore that occupies creative minds exclusively. An original engagement ring can only make the proposal more powerful, making it more of a meaningful bond, not just a promise between two soon-to-be-wed lovers. Keep in mind though, there are a lot of things one must consider when designing his own engagement ring... if he is not a professional designer, at least.

To design your own engagement ring isn't such a chore, because you an actually design your own rings online with just a few clicks. This is, however, more of a chore if you want a filigree ring, a ring from rarer metals e.g. a titanium ring, or in other words, a ring that has special qualities that very few or no others possess.

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If you opt to design your own engagement ring with the help of the companies' web-pages, nothing holds you back; if you want a ring that is more specific, paying a visit to the local jeweler can prove to be more interesting. As a side note, don't get scared, because the prices are certainly not astronomic and many self-designed rings are cheaper, hence you can choose the stone for yourself.

Making your engagement ring 'work', however, is an entirely different practice. Many ring settings are made as to fit most cuts so you won't feel limited by any setting. The possibilities are near endless; if a solitary ring is not what you want, many companies are offering three stone presets along with accent stone presents - ring settings in which the stones are missing and it's up to you to add any diamond you want for your own designed engagement ring.

If you've decided that you want to design your own engagement ring, be aware that oftentimes a ring that looks shiny online will look a lot different from your expectations and dreams, and sometimes it happens for the worst. Be sure that the company that will put your special engagement ring together does have a solid shipping, and more so, a solid return policy.

Most companies that offer design-your-own-ring services usually offer free shipping though. Be prepared in terms of time, too. You don't want everything planned and sorted out when you realize that the ring needs to be returned. That's why there are at least some risks involved when you opt for designing your own engagement ring.