Engagement Ring Sets

engagement ring setA popular choice nowadays, an engagement ring set is either a set of either two engagement rings, one for each person, or a set with both an engagement ring and a wedding ring inside. Whichever you're searching for, you'll get a grasp on it quickly in this article.

For clarification - in a bridal set, the two rings are oftentimes complementing each other but aren't identical for obvious reasons; an engagement ring set usually consists of two engagement rings with only slight differences. 

A wedding set, in some cases, may consist of two rings that look incomplete without the wedding. The metals may have decorative designs, in some cases rose, heart or other filigree, but for minimalists, there are also choices because plain and simple designs are most definitely a choice that's becoming more popular.

The engagement ring's cut varies, just like the diamond's placement, and, if you opt for not buying a set and end up getting two separate rings (one for wedding, one for engagement), make sure that those two compliment each other.

More often than not, engagement ring sets ship with classic metals like white gold, rose gold, silver and platinum; although titanium rings are quite popular, many despise them for their 'coldness'.

The complexity of design and the general qualities of the diamond (the four Cs) you pick make the most of the price; however, there is speculation that jewelers can and will try to rip you off by handing you rings with either ridiculously expensive settings or ring boxes.

Most of the time this remains on the level of speculation though, since a good jeweler will always hand out certifications that will clarify the pricing for each of the set's parts.  Although sets are a wise choice for reasons like having fewer things to think about after proposal, and having all sorted out, in most of the cases engagement ring sets aren't exactly a thing people opt for.

First of all, they're often expensive, because of the simple fact that there are two rings in it. They're made for lovers who know they'll be married soon enough either way. Planning is a must for a relationship, but if you leave everything sorted out, a 'Yes' can deteriorate to just a plain phrase.

If you are sure, however, about the 'Yes' and the marriage itself - a wedding set is a must for you. Otherwise, the choice can be too hard to make and classic engagement rings are the way to go.