Ruby Engagement Rings

ruby engagement ringRuby rings are bold and beautiful. For the untraditional couples who seek to stand out in every way, ruby engagement rings are the right choice.

Vintage ruby rings are the most popular choice, because they have slowly been replaced by diamonds, but ruby engagement rings are still easy to be found at a jeweler's. If unusual rings are what you're searching for, not necessarily ruby rings, take a look into rings with unusual settings, for they can offer an unique touch too.

Ruby is the July gemstone and symbolizes deep love and passion. They are also the Zodiac stones for people born under the Capricorn zodiac sign. Ruby usage in jewelry dates back to the biblical times and the gemstone is deemed 'sardius' in the Exodus. Ruby is a variation of the Most of the rubies available today are from Thailand, India, North Carolina or Burma, with rubies from latter place deemed the most valuable.

Ruby engagement rings are an interesting choice, because ruby is also the stone of the 15th and the 40th wedding anniversaries. For those who love classic values but do not prefer diamonds, deeply dark rubies are the way to go.

A special ring band to compliment the ruby's dark red is also a must. White and yellow gold bands look splendid when holding a ruby; platinum is also a good choice, though not that widely accepted. If you do, however, like diamonds, but are searching for a way to incorporate them with rubies, a diamond ring with ruby baguette accent stones is a stunning combination.

There are synthetic rubies, but avoid them at all costs. In most cases, the jeweler will gladly show appraisals or other proof of the ruby's authenticity. Ruby engagement rings with synthetic rubies are just plain glass. Some jewelers actually avoid the term 'synthetic' and refer to those rubies as 'cultured' or 'grown'; if that's the case, the ruby is synthetic and it should cost significantly less than a real ruby.

You should also ask the jeweler around about the treatment that the ruby has had. If a not-so-good looking ruby is sold for astonishing amounts of money, chances are that the ruby is natural and hasn't undergone heat procession, which most rubies have.

A ruby engagement ring is a break away from tradition. Red is the color of fashion, thus making ruby engagement rings the best for a very passionate relationship. For an even more original choice, you can incorporate the ruby in a custom setting; ask your jeweler around for that. Ruby's red glow symbolizes the endless flame that comes from the very heart of the gem, and if a Ruby engagement ring is worn, the endless flame of love seems to come from the wearer's heart.