Emerald Engagement Rings

emerald engagement ringEmerald, the birthstone of those born in May, and also the gemstone for those born under the signs of Taurus/Cancer/Gemini, is a fine gem that has been used in engagement rings for many years. If you were fond of Donald Duck's comic books in your childhood, there is a chance that when you hear the word 'emerald', you picture a huge green stone (which is ought to be stolen by the Beagle Boys) and that is partially true.

A sizeable emerald is very rare, and apart from slightly yellow to blue individuals, emeralds are green. Emeralds are often used on filigree rings and celtic rings that wear resemblances to nature; some even prefer emerald rings for the healing abilities that emeralds are said to possess.

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Emerald engagement rings are increasingly popular, hence emeralds are most likely of lesser cost than diamonds. The value of an emerald is determined much like a diamond's value is determined, and this depends on four characteristics of the gem: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. They aren't graded on a compact scale like diamonds are; it is up to the jeweler to set the emerald's value, and it's up to the buyer to assess the jeweler's said value.

Emerald engagement rings are especially beautiful with a dark green to dark blue-green color. Emeralds with shades of yellow or brown aren't that desired, though, but there is another branch of emerald colors. Emeralds, which are most often from South America, can also be light green, and this color is really demanded. When out for an emerald engagement ring, be sure to check that the gem is colored evenly and has none or few visible inclusions, but after that, picking the color is ultimately down to preference and nothing else.

  Emeralds come in many different cuts, and emeralds are certainly not limited to the famous emerald cut. The square cut, for example, has recently gone popular for emeralds, much like the rectangular cut. Even the brilliant cut is in use for emeralds as accent stones. Emeralds of other cuts exist too, but they can be quite expensive, as they require more precision than the aforementioned cuts.

Other Cs aren't that important, just keep in mind - the bigger the stone is, the more it will eventually cost. As a side note, be sure to ask additional information on the emerald you want to use in the engagement ring for your sweetheart. A good thing to ask for would be the treatment of the center emerald, and your jeweler will probably educate you on this, if you don't yourself. All in all, emerald engagement rings have a peaceful aura, and might as well be a precursor to peaceful, long-lasting marriage.